Sunday worship: when we, the church, gather "in His Name" corporately to worship the only One worthy. We sing praises to His Name, we fellowship with one another, and we hear the truth of His Word preached boldly. Come with an attitude to worship "in spirit and truth" and we believe that you will enjoy a very real, intimate, and Spirit-filled worship experience.

We meet at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM, and although the 10:45 AM is live streamed, we pray that you are able to attend in person so that we may see you face to face, and enjoy a fuller fellowship. 


Scripture tells us to sing praises to the Lord! If you love joining with others to sing His praises, there's a spot in the Choir for you!

Contact Pastor Doug Bell for more info.


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Here at Antioch, the Praise Band joins with the Choir to make a joyful (and pleasant) noise unto the Lord. Live instruments add a depth and feeling to the worship music that recorded music usually cannot. Interested in joining? Contact Pastor Doug Bell.

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