Antioch Prayer Ministry

Our Prayer Ministry is focused on needs that pertain to the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:10, 33: John 17:20). Free books and literature on the subject of prayer are available in the church office. There are a number of ways you can participate in this critical ministry. For further explanation regarding the following information, please contact Rick Astle, our Pastor of Prayer and Spiritual Growth, at 910-739-9425."

Praying for His Kingdom Work

The ministry of the Antioch Prayer Team is unique and requires training! Contact Pastor Rick to learn the date of the next Prayer Team Training Class. After you complete this training, you will choose to participate in one of three "Units" of prayer focus: (1) Lost souls and the spiritual needs of our community (2) Worship services, church ministries, and volunteers (3) Church leadership and all church families. 

Praying for Eternal Needs

If you have specific people on your heart who are lost, The War Room is a special place where you can go to pray for their salvation. Located between the parking lot and Building B, this building is designed and furnished to encourage us to pray with urgency for people who need to be saved. You may post the name(s) of a lost person in the War Room so that other prayer warriors will join you in this intercession! This building is open at all times for prayer.

Praying for Temporal Needs

We have three methods by which we communicate temporary requests. (1) THE PRAYER GUIDE is updated each week and is available in the vestibule outside the Worship Center. Here you will find a printed list of the names of people with health concerns, the homebound, persons in long term care, military, first responders, missionaries, and additional prayer requests. (2) You can learn of additional current prayer requests through information provided on THE PHONE TREE Contact the Church Office (910-739-9425) to receive these updates on your phone. (3) When you become part of one of our LIFE GROUPS you will learn of various current prayer requests.

Prayer Discipleship

Would you benefit from being discipled in how to have a more meaningful and effective prayer life? Our Pastor of Prayer and Spiritual Growth provides individualized discipleship
for persons with this desire. You will set your meeting times with him based on your availability, and your topics based on your specific concern and needs. If interested, contact Pastor Rick through the Church Office at 910-739-9425.