March 5 - May 7
Sunday Nights at 6PM

with God

Join us as we journey through the Tabernacle examining how God made His presence known to His people, Israel. We will be specifically looking at how the Tabernacle points to Jesus and how it impacts our day-by-day walk with God.

Essentials for
Finishing Well

God's purpose for our lives does not change as we age. With that in mind, how do Christians live out that God-ordained purpose so that we may finish as victors in the race that we are running for the King? Join us to find out!

Battle Ready

Spiritual warfare is real! Join us as we see our role in the invisible war taking place between God's kingdom and Satan's kingdom. We will answer questions like: What is a "satanic attack"? What weapons actually work against the Devil? Plus, so much more! Join us! 

Marriage on
the Rock

Couples are invited to join us as we walk through the best-selling book Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans. We will learn about the key truths, pitfalls, and successful strategies found in marriages. Come and learn how to build your family on Jesus Christ, the Rock!

Creed: What We
Believe and Why

We live in a world that is constantly changing. With the rise of the internet, we have more information at our fingertips than any generation in history, yet for all our information we are swimming in a sea of uncertainty. Is it possible that the answers we have been seeking have been right in front of us the whole time? Join us as we dive into the story God is telling about the world and how it answers life’s most basic questions.


Bring your children to Sunday nights at Antioch at 6PM! We will have activities for all children 6th Grade and Under. Students 7th Grade and older are encouraged to sign up for one of the classes listed on this page. Kids activities will be in Building C.